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We are the answer to your SOS! (School On Site)    Call 772-834-8981

Computer Doers 


On-site Tutoring - Convenient, personalized instruction providing a relaxed, natural learning experience without the stress of a formal setting.

Enjoy the benefit of free follow-up assistance.  If you find yourself stuck trying to do something we’ve covered, just give us a call and we’ll talk you through it again over the phone - no charge!  We want you to feel that you’re not all alone and to be satisfied in knowing that you’ve got someone you can count on.

We specialize in helping seniors join the computer age.  We’ve helped countless seniors to enjoy the benefits of learning to use e-mail, navigate the Internet, and use popular programs with complete confidence.

Need to get your staff up to speed with modern business applications?  We provide on-site training individually or in a group environment.



System Diagnostics -  We will evaluate and troubleshoot your system to determine the most efficient and economical solution to provide fast, optimal performance of all components and peripheral equipment.


System Repair & Renewal - We will repair/restore your system to a state equal to or better than factory new condition, including data recovery.  We will recommend/install upgrades to improve performance and security, such as additional memory and data backup solutions.  Most renewal services can be completed right on the spot!


Virus & Spyware Removal - Provide restoration of your system's speed and functionality that have been destroyed by the presence of computer viruses, spyware and malware.


Software Installation/Setup - New software installations and upgrades can be problematic.  We will install, configure and test each installation to your complete satisfaction, as well as provide any training you may require for proper operation of the application.


Peripheral Installation - We will install physical components and associated software for accessories and ancillary equipment, such as printers, scanners, cameras, networks, etc.  We’ll test and configure each installation to your satisfaction and provide any training you may require for the use of such devices.


Network Installation/Setup - We will install, configure and test each component for your network requirements (wired or wireless), including routers/switches, network cards, printers, etc., as well as provide any training you may require for efficient and secure use of network resources.

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Computer Renewers serves Indian River, Saint Lucie, Brevard, Okeechobee, Martin and Palm Beach counties.

We provide convenient on-site computer services to residents and businesses that include personalized instruction to individuals and training programs for business employees.  We specialize in tutoring seniors and others who wish to increase their computer skills and competency.

In addition, we provide expert repair and services to make your computer equipment perform like new; including setup of software, accessories and peripherals, such as printers, scanners, cameras, networks, upgrades or installation of complete systems.

We travel to your location including such cities and towns as Vero Beach, Fort Pierce, Port Saint Lucie, Palm Bay, Jensen Beach, Stuart, West Palm Beach, etc.

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